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HemPoland is the first private company in Poland to obtain a state license allowing it to grow and manufacture Cannabis Sativa. “Go big or go home” – hence, since the very beginning we aim to develop dynamically and introduce innovative solutions on the global scale. Our team consists of several dozen experts in various fields, their international experience, passion and commitment guarantee the top quality of the production process. Thanks to this meticulous production control our flagship product – CannabiGold oil gained well-deserved internatonal recognition in many European countries (e.g., the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and the UK).


We – the Click & Collect Service GmbH – offer innovative Click & Collect solutions for every need.

With our locker systems we support you with the problem of the “last mile” and offer you space-saving and innovative storage and transfer solutions.

We offer a 360° service. Hardware, software, support and consulting. From project planning to commissioning.

All from one hand!

The locker systems are manufactured using state-of-the-art laser, punching and metal processing machines — quality made in Germany!
The Company has been producing locker solutions for a wide range of applications in Germany for 35 years.
The systems are used successfully in over 25 countries worldwide.


Diagnosis S.A. started its operation in mid 2002. Since the very beginning of its creation, the company’s most important value have been the Customers and the people who create the company. It is the specialist knowledge of our employees, their experience and interesting ideas they have brought in, that have enabled a dynamic development of the company, whose key objective is to provide Customers with state-of-the-art products of the highest quality. To achieve this aim, it was necessary to set the path and direction for the future development of the company. Thus, we can say that doing things with our Customers in mind is the path we have chosen, and, as for the direction of development, it’s quite simple: “act, always move ahead”. What results from such a concept of company’s development is a constant improvement of our products and the introduction of latest technologies. In this way, we take an active part in medical development, contributing, at the same time, to improving the quality of life of the society we live in.

Our offer is prepared in such a way that every Customer, even the most demanding one, will find there a product of the highest quality meeting their expectations and financial means. The medical products we offer have all the attestations and certificates required on the competitive market of the European Union, which, since 1 May 2004, has also comprised Poland.


Gazeta Farmaceutyczna is an educational and opinion forming monthly – the most read trade journal for pharmacists. It provides articles published by distinguished scientists connected to pharmacy and medicine, as well as most current global news about new medicines, modern therapies and results of latest research.

The editorial staff collaborates among others with Medical Treatments Recording Office and Polish Pharmaceutical Society. Moreover we publish interviews with well-known opinion leaders concerned with national health policy and the shape of Polish pharmaceutical market.

Gazeta provides current information, analyses and comments concerning pharmacy – we write about everything that might interest pharmacists, wholesalers and drug makers. Every edition has its educational add: Novelties of Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacists and Herbs, Work Legislation Guide or Cosmetics in Drugstores. Our subscribers receive also book titles published by our Wydawnictwo Kwadryga publishing house such as: “Drugstore marketing” and “How to advise patients? – a guide for pharmacists”.


The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1945. Whereas the Subfaculty of Laboratory Medicine was established in 2001. Since then, the two units have been combined into the Faculty of Pharmacy with Subfaculty of Laboratory Medicine.

The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to provide masters of science in pharmacy and laboratory analytics with a high quality and effective education so that they can meet the increasing competition in the field due to Poland’s presence in the European Union.

The Faculty of Pharmacy has been dynamically developing its PhD programme. Together with the Transpharmacia company and the Medical University of Warsaw, the Faculty conducts an elite three semester-long programme “Industrial Pharmacy”. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland accredited the Faculty to conduct specialty training in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and industrial pharmacy. In 2012 the Faculty has been recently recognized by the Polish government as a Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) in the field of medicine and health sciences. MUG supported by The Foundation for Polish Science and International Research Agenda (MAB) programme open a scientific centre.


Our Pharmaceuticals business has a broad portfolio of innovative and established medicines. We currently focus on developing new medicines in respiratory and HIV/infectious diseases, oncology and immuno-inflammation; with discovery research exploring these and other areas.


Precision work “Made in Germany” and a comprehensive know-how in engineering and automation technology is what we stand for. Our core competence lies in the automation of the economic storage and dispensing of small products with high complexity, quantity and variety.

Our recipe for success is no secret:

Highly trained professionals in all fields and the combination of research and development, design, production, installation, service, marketing and sales under one roof. Add to that a good amount of understanding of what our customers want really.

1,300 systems installed. 1,300 satisfied customers.

The company’s headquarters in Halle (Saale), offers just under 13,000 sq. of office and production space. It is an ideal location for managing the global activities of Gollmann. Our manufacturing plant ships approximately four GO.compact dispensing systems each week for installation in 15 different countries on three continents.

Our GO.compacts are not only produced here but in conjunction with our suppliers and customers continuously improved. We integrate only high-quality and reliable industrial components in our systems.

Visit us any time at our headquarters in Halle (Saale) for a look behind the scenes. With the TÜV-certified GO.compact in our showroom, we can show you how the cost-efficient storage of small products in large quantities is done best.


The objective of Healthy Plant Products is to introduce you to fiber hemp in a positive way.

Our mission is to make that known to a large audience and to lower the threshold for the use of our hemp products and make it affordable. You will also find a lot of information on our website about the operation of the hemp plant and which products we can offer you.


The main founder of the company is Wojciech Popławski whose long-term experience and unconventional approach to clients has contributed in the expansion of his philosophy and created a new company with an individual approach to satisfying the customer’s needs.

Our experience
Since the 80 s we have exported products to Bulgaria, the USSR, Cuba and Germany. As the producer and exporter for the packaging of luxury vodka Chopin and Belweder , in Warsaw we have created an innovational technology line for the needs of production.

Presently we are looking for products of the highest quality and selling them in new markets. We are ready for new challenges.

The IMEX company cooperates with suppliers and takes part in trade-fairs all around the world. Thanks to this we are up to date on all trends and our offer is constantly being updated with the best products.

The most important thing for us is the client and his needs, so we are focused on an individual approach to each client.

We are forever improving and gaining experience. We pay special attention to listening to our clients and preparing them an offer that will match their expectations and will be adjusted to the newest market trends. Thanks to a developed sales network we are able to reach customers all around the country and abroad.

Prosocial Activities
The Imex group is a member of the World Polish Economic Association. It has forever been supporting and taking part in seminars and conferences which have promoted Poland and its resources all across the world. As a member of the Polish Association in Omsk in Siberia it has supported the youth by organising trips to Poland for the Polish community in Siberia.


FLEXISEQ® is a topically applied drug-free gel which is clinically proven to safely relieve the pain and improve the joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis (OA). There is extensive clinical data available from several randomised, double-blind clinical trials and FLEXISEQ® is approved as a medical device for the treatment of all joints affected by OA.

The Intended Use of FLEXISEQ®: FLEXISEQ® lubricates the cartilage in joints to relieve pain and stiffness and improve impaired joint function associated with all stages of osteoarthritis. FLEXISEQ® is available as two products: the original FLEXISEQ® Osteoarthritis (OA) is in a white and blue box and is intended for patients who need to treat the pain and stiffness associated with OA. Patients seeking maximum strength treatment for their symptoms should choose FLEXISEQ® (OA). FLEXISEQ® Active is available in a black and blue carton and is a lighter formulation specially developed to serve as an introduction to Joint Lubrication Therapy for the daily needs of joint pain and early-stage arthritis sufferers.


JB Solutions is fast growing company on polish and european market.

JB Solutions is a rapidly growing accounting and consulting firm, operating on the Polish and European markets, which renders comprehensive services to micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals.

Our main areas of operations are:

  • accounting and HR services for Polish and British entities,
  • tax consulting and international tax planning,
  • legal services,
  • business consulting.

Our customers’ success and satisfaction are measures of our own success

Our strengths are vast expertise and experience. We value openness and guarantee full confidentiality. We are a business partner who is ready to talk to and eager to listen. By gaining an understanding of our customers’ interests and needs we help them succeed. Our priority is to adopt a personal approach to business, while being constantly poised to face new challenges and meet new objectives.

We show utmost care when performing services, in strict compliance with legal regulations and standards which are in force at a given time, using our objective judgement and professional autonomy and drawing on the knowledge and competences gained throughout the years.

We recruit carefully chosen people only. Our company holds accounting certificates awarded by the Ministry of Finance, ACCA, SKwP (Accountants Association in Poland) and we are proud of our long-term experience, which has taught us to always search for most favourable solutions. We liaise with tax advisors and reputable legal firms located primarily in Poland and the United Kingdom, but also the ones based in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia and Singapore. Our Consultants, Advisors and Project Managers have a well-proven track record in our fields of operations, apart from profound background knowledge. We offer advice and assistance, construct solutions but, first of all, keep looking for best possible ways.

We guarantee secure, reliable and comprehensive services.


From our Australian family farm, Karma Rub (KR) is taken from the ground and is bottled as it comes to us, just as nature intended. In a sense Karma Rub is a concentrated pure Australian mineral springs liquid however, because it is so concentrated you don’t have to sit in the springs to be rejuvenated, four drops is enough to cover both hands.

We call it a liquid magnesium as it has a high percentage of magnesium within it and many trace elements including zinc, iron, copper & calcium that are excellent for the human condition.

Karma Rub is a 100% Australian owned product that may assist with muscle recovery, repair and relaxation and may help to improve your body’s mineral health…and oh so much more!

We are a family run business that totally believes in the benefits of Karma Rub. When we discovered the natural resource on our family lands, we tested the product to find out what it was and when the analysis stated it was full of naturally occurring magnesium and complimentary minerals, we started trying it out on family and friends. Word of mouth spread about how great Karma Rub is and that is what makes it such a popular product today.

Karma Rub is literally, “A liquid magnesium for the skin that just keeps on giving”.


KoolZone was founded in 2015 and is an innovation leader in wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring solutions. Our initial focus was to monitor refrigeration temperature in food production, catering hospitality, food retail and other food services. However, we quickly expanded our range of sensors to monitor other parameters across a wider range of sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Health Care, Agriculture, Warehouse & Transport, Housing & Care

KoolZone’s customers now range from small individual clients through to large multi-site and global businesses. We work hard to provide great service to our customers so that their experience is always good.

We continue to develop products that provide high quality, affordable solutions in an easy to implement, efficient and intuitive way.

We also recognise the need to offer integration of KoolZone with other Health & Safety or Business Systems and have provided this application interface to a number of complimentary systems for our customers and partners.

We have an absolute focus on sustainability and with the support of our EU Horizon 2020 grant we continue to develop low cost algorithms and methods to identify excess and unnecessary energy use.


Lemon Pharma is a young and innovative company specialised in the development, preparation and distribution of products for the health market. The company, founded in 2003 and located in Düsseldorf, distributes its products throughout Europe exclusively via pharmacies.

Our main concern is to integrate insight and experience arising from the study of nature into innovative products that are quick and easy to use in daily life. People, and their health and well-being, are the focal point of our work. In our holistic approach, we perceive the individual and his or her health as a complex structure in which every element is important. Mental and physical well-being are closely inter-related and have an influence on each other. And there are times when a single minor element can make the whole structure unstable – this is what we would like to counteract with our products.

Lemon Pharma has succeeded in bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, between natural medicine and modern, user-friendly products.


Throughout the world and for 60 years now, MAVALA has stood for quality, thanks to its specific and high performing care and beauty products, developed in MAVALA scientific Laboratories based in Geneva, Switzerland, concentrating their efforts on innovation and search for perfection.


Medican Campus jest Instytucją Szkoleniową, która zajmuje się edukacją oraz dostarczaniem informacji (m.in. dla pacjentów, lekarzy, pracowników służby zdrowia) o zastosowaniu konopi w teorii, praktyce oraz profilaktyce zdrowotnej.

Medican Campus poprzez kształtowanie polityki społecznej zdrowotnej oraz gospodarczej prowadzi działalność o charakterze powszechnym w celu ograniczeniu szkód zdrowotnych i społecznych, zwracając uwagę na to, że edukacja jest kluczem do zbudowania zdrowego i świadomego społeczeństwa.

Medican Campus zdobył szeroką wiedzę z zastosowania praktycznego Cannabis w wyniku powołania do życia Social Clubów w Holandii.
Są one ostoją dla pacjentów poszukujących rzetelnych informacji oraz pomocy w praktycznym i medycznym użyciu konopi.
Producent Produktów profilaktycznych oraz europejski dystrybutor półproduktów.

Wspieramy firmy oraz gospodarstwa uprawiające konopie, którym służymy swoją pomocą oraz wiedzą i doświadczeniem.
Medican Campus to źródło informacji oraz przestrzeń dla pacjentów, lekarzy, naukowców, którzy chcą zdobyć wsparcie wymienić się swoją wiedzą, doświadczeniem i innowacjami w temacie zastosowania kannabinoidów – ich pochodnych, ekstrakcji i wyciągów z konopi. Wiemy, że współpraca pomiędzy różnymi podmiotami zapewni sukces w ochronie zdrowia społecznego.



We are a dynamically developing company with Polish capital. Our goal is to provide modern, innovative solutions: recipes for new products and comprehensive concepts for the pharmaceutical sector. Solutions offered by us have been supporting and accelerating the process of improving the quality of life of customers who have trusted us for many years. We achieve this thanks to cooperation with many outstanding scientists and practitioners from Poland and abroad.

Our preparations are tested in accordance with Polish and European legislation. They meet all the standards and requirements set by European Union legislation.


It is with great passion and care that we develop our cosmetics, medications and medicinal products, which meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Since 1982, we have been developing health and beauty products for our Polish customers, and in the last decade we have expanded out presence to many countries around the world. We prove that everybody can have beautiful, healthy-looking skin and that excellent quality products can be found in various price categories.

We manufacture all kinds of products for various uses.


Pharmindex is a comprehensive and professional database of medicinal products available in regular sales enriched with the drug descriptions.


Polfa Tarchomin S.A. in Warsaw is one of the largest generic companies operating in Poland and one of the oldest pharmaceutical producers in the world.

The company history dates back to 1823 and the production of the first medicinal preparations.

Polfa Tarchomin SA is a leader in the anti-infectives market. The company also holds an significant market position in the category of insulin, psychotropic drugs and dermatological preparations.

Polfa Tarchomin S.A in total provides over a hundred medicinal products.

All of them are available in a range of forms and sizes in order to ensure optimal medical treatment and minimal side effects experienced by the patient. Polfa Tarchomin S.A. specialises in the prescription drugs.

Our medicines are produced in buildings and facilities which meet strict global requirements and quality standards.


POLSKA RÓŻA Ernest Michalski Sp.z o.o has been a family-run business for over 35 years.

We feel the passion for producing our 100% natural juices, fruit syrups and preserves. Pressed directly from fruit, the rose hip juice is the flagship of our company. It is a natural source rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids. To ensure client’s health and satisfaction, we develop our products using raw materials of highest nutritional quality. We efficiently select the best gifts of the forests and fields. We do not add any preservatives, colourings or chemical additives. To preserve as much as possible from their original nutritional value and taste, we squeeze our juices in a traditional press with the utmost attention to the unique old formula.


Polish Pharmaceutical Students’ Association is the largest pharmacy students’ organisation in Poland. We are independent, non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious association connecting nearly 1000 future pharmacists from all over the country. We are driven by a deep commitment to personal development, social responsibility and care for the image of pharmacy and pharmacists. Our scope of activity is immanently interlinked with the statutory objectives of the association:

Elevating the prestige of the pharmaceutical profession, the status of pharmacy student and representing the interests of Polish pharmacy students and young pharmacists in Poland and abroad.

Assisting pharmacy students in gaining practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, increasing their scientific level, promoting the advancement of science among pharmacy students, encouraging scientific work and promoting the idea of ​​pharmaceutical care and clinical pharmacy in Poland;

Integration of pharmacy students at local, national and international level.


We strongly believe all the best comes from the  nature. We are offering our customers the best and proven natural products in the form of the most appropriate preparations. We want our products to be “the best value”, i.e:

  • with the best form of administration – sachets, mixtures of oils with extracts or herbal mixtures.
  • with a certified and safe amount of natural active ingredients.
  • with a comprehensive and optimal content and without unnecessary food additives.

The values ​​that guide us are primarily health and human well-being. All the products that we offer are produced from natural ingredients, without harmful additives.


Turning dreams and visions of business success into reality and sharing that reality with coworkers and partners on a daily basis, is an integral part of the business path of the Salveo International pharmaceutical company.Since 2007, Salveo has been building up successful and well-known pharmaceutical and healthcare products in three independently operating areas, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and recently in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


We are a fast-developing company in the Central and Eastern Europe market, which is engaged in production and sale of dietary supplements, as well as, medical devices.

Our company is on the Polish market for over 7 years. We are present in the major pharmacies chains, as well as, in the key drug stories and hypermarkets in Poland. Our products are exported to Partners from European Union countries, outside European Union countries and Near East countries. Dynamic growth on the international markets caused presence in more than 13 countries.

Our mission is to implement the most innovative and healthy products.

In order to meet our clients and costumers expectations, we are trying to satisfy their needs by promoting the healthy lifestyle and raise awareness about the benefits of comprehensive health care.

The strategy of our company is to implement the most innovative products on the market at affordable prices.


Since 1978 Super-Pharm is the leading drugstore chain in Israel with more than 160 store and 5000 employees, and with additional stores in Poland and China. Super-Pharm’s retail and marketing models have been an inspiration to many leading retail companies in Israel.

Super-Pharm offers a wide range of branded cosmetics, dermocosmetics as well as body care and makeup products.


At Sylveco we conduct our own research, development and rigorous testing, maintaining on-site ingredient processing and the highest production standards in the industry. We are proud advocates of green business practices, including a commitment to zero toxic waste pollution and no animal testing, ever.
Our products have been marketed via multiple channels, including national:

  • drugstore/chemist chains
  • pharmacies
  • herbal shops
  • organic markets
  • various online retail schemes

Our marketing strategy is non-invasive and largely based upon the excellent reviews, numerous awards and enviably good word of mouth our products have garnered among both experts in skincare and end users themselves.

We are currently prepared to support mid- to large-scale export production. Our ingredients are approved for use in Poland and the EU and our manufacturing and distribution plants adhere to the strictest standards governing the cosmetics category in Poland. We are happy to make our facilities available for official inspection by interested parties.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


ToLife Technologies is a proud West Australian company that specialises in the development and marketing of natural health care products. Since the foundation of the company in April 1991, our complete focus has been on providing health care products for families, specifically, the development of innovative head lice treatments, mother care and first aid products.


Miler Confectionery LLC is a family business, best known for its unique candies. Our candies are made with a relentless desire to breathe life into one of the little known master crafts, candy making. In addition to the abundance of explosive flavours, we offer a smile and a taste of vitality in every bite.Our story started in 2007, spread across two continents, with one mission in mind, to craft a candy that brings functionality to the confectionary world. Healthy, yet tasty, fun, yet practical. After years of perfecting, we’ve created products that we love eating, just as much as we love sharing with others.


“Ziołolek” is a pharmaceutical company, standing for 70 years of the tradition of the Polish pharmaceutical industry, original Polish technology as well as enthusiasm and confidence in our capabilities. Established in 1945, we are a dynamic pharmaceutical company, winner of the prestigious title of Business Gazelle(Gazela Biznesu), an award that has been granted us twice. We are GMP certified for the entire range of pharmaceutical forms we make, and hold a Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 9001:2008.

“Ziołolek” manufactures medicinal products based on original formulations which, when combined with advanced manufacturing methods, provide efficacious solutions for use in treatment and prevention. We specialise in dermatological preparations and effervescent salts. Most of our portfolio is occupied by the LINOMAG® range of cosmetics for children. We are proud to be the sole manufacturer of LINOMAG® preparations that have been used by generations of mothers to care for child’s skin. We also offer dermocosmetics, dietary supplements and insect repellents.